Working Multi-Tiered Discourse on Akash SDL

I’m really happy to announce the first 100% functional Multi-Tiered Discourse on Akask SDL with a guide.

Project name: Discourse on Akash
List of members: Just me
A description of your project:

This guide and fully functional SDL is intended to describe the process to run Discourse Multi-Tiered application on Akash Network.

The SDL deploy a Multi-Tiered application with 4 services/containers:


  • PostgreSQL

  • Redis

  • Sidekiq discourse


  • Discourse

Demo deployment video using Akashlytics:

Discourse on Akash Network

Access to your working demo or Github code repository: Discourse on Akash: Working SDL and deployment guide by jonathanf · Pull Request #221 · ovrclk/awesome-akash · GitHub

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