Wish to create decentralised journalistic platform on Akash

Dear Community,
I have no coding knowledge. I do love cosmos and AKT. I am a journalist. I want to build a decentralised journalistic platform here that cannot be shut down by big tech and is censorship resistant. There will be a niche content on bizarre stories from expats living in Thailand. There will also be articles countering the official Covid-19 narratives, speaking truth to power. I would like to write a proposal for the grant but I need interested parties to help me with the technical aspects. It would not be about monetisation in the immediacy. Just getting content out. The idea is that people would pay miniscule amounts of AKT to comment, consume, tip authors. Perhaps integrating with Osmosis IBC. I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Here is my first piece via substack. A Brief Exploration of COVID-Induced Mass Psychosis

All the best,

Nicholas Creed