WireShark in Akash

**Problem Statement: Wireshark has lots of security issues as it’s build to investigate the packets within the network. Thus, If we run it on top of Akash it could be a solution.

**Impact: Make WireShak reliable, fast, and efficient.

**Goals: Making Wireshark secure for users and investigators.

**Methodology: As WireShark build in Docker so we need to create a container for it in Akash.

**Timeline: 2 to 3 months

**Team: Yes I need dev members.

**Reporting: Reports

**Design: Not yet

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Welcome and good luck with bringing WireShark to Akash.


Bigger problem is having sufficient privleges to run this operation. For instance running tcpdump yields the following error:

root@web-b4f8b545d-xfdnv:~# tcpdump 
tcpdump: eth0: You don't have permission to capture on that device
(socket: Operation not permitted)
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How about we create a docker container specifically in Akash!