What about log shipping?

I went digging through the documentation but didn’t see any clear guidance on shipping logs. I’d like to send them via GELF, SYSLOG, Loki, or some other manner.

Is that supported yet?

@neil @abozanich can you help?

I have not heard of any why to send logs via syslog or any other method. You could probably create a custom script to query the provider and lease event logs and then send that over vial send mail or something of that nature. I have not seen any sensitive data there.

Thank you for the reply. This brings a follow-up:

Is there any log retention on the server? For example, what if the container crashes on startup?

Adding longer log retention is one of the next items on our roadmap.

The spec does not include adding log shipping to a third party at this time, but I think that this would be a great thing to support.