Video Transcoding Service

For Akash Filebase Challenge I am planning to build a video transcoding service that will deploy an app to transcode video to HLS and upload it to filebase (skynet). Generated skylink could be embedded to HTML5 player like videojs.

Why transcode video into HLS? And why upload it to filebase?

  1. Censorship Resistant
    Free services like youtube do offer a good platform for storing and share video, but if it contains clip from other video, ours could be blocked for violation reason. For example at where I work, we sometimes upload training materials to share and it could contains clip from other video (songs for opening, short movie for motivational and educational purposes).

  2. HLS Has a Good Compatibility
    Current browser mostly support playing video with HLS protocol, even webview (tested at flutter webview, ios and android) support it.

  3. Cheapest Solution So Far
    This is just my opinion, since VOD services like azure or aws is pretty expensive. So transcoding video into HLS then upload it to cloud storage for streaming is the cheapest solution I could think so far.

The goal of this project is to build a background process that start and close deployment when needed, transcode mp4 to HLS format, and generate link to embed at HTML5 video player like videojs.

Funding for the project is appreciated
address: akash1rk6wy7604q0qurdezq5gay06st0qka0gztavdk

Opened to hear your thoughts on the project and if it is suitable for this challenge.


Let us know how to help you get started Renato!