[UPDATE] Hosting Game Servers on Akash Network

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Hello again :slight_smile:

To start off my weekly updates, I didn’t showcase anything in proposal, so this is a great time for it.
I will be sharing some screenshots of most important pages and features, and will give few notes along them.


  • Being the landing and most important page, it needs to be spot on, and currently other then calls to action and big tittle, a lot is missing
  • Description, features, problem/solution, footer, all that needs to be completed, for now this is all we got


  • Personal favorite, it turned out great and I see no need for improvements except changing and adding update notes


  • Will be most complicated to do it correctly, but for now 2 choices of graphs and changing between time periods (inspired by coinmarketcap) is good enough
  • Later on we’ll see what data we can showcase, and fill the graphs with it


  • Pretty simple page, for organization we are adding categories, something like this forum has, so finding answers on problems you got will be ease

Getting Started

  • I explained this page in depth in my proposal, but in few words, it’s a user friendly way of setting up a server inspired by https://playit.gg/
  • User will by going through set questions be guided to a working game server
  • Every answer user gives correlates to a next question asked

Now I didn’t show everything, there is support for mobile view, empty and very bad footer, wallet selecting and dropdown menu after wallet is connected, which is very important to design right, and I think its not ready to showcase yet.

Other then that I’m pretty happy how its turning out and hoping for 1 more week of design and improvements to finish everything, then we would start coding this in react.

Another thing, I need ideas for names, “Akash Servers” is currently a placeholder in navbar, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

It’s way easier changing the design rather then finished product, so feedback is very much appreciated.


Love the idea / design of it :slight_smile:

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Appreciate it :heart:

This is a great idea, and I would like to have you present to the CAB once you have a working Alpha / Beta version.


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Thanks, I will let you know when that day comes :slight_smile:

Nice we are waiting to see the last version :slight_smile:

Did you see the update? :slight_smile: [BETA] Hosting Game Servers on Akash Network

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yes :slight_smile:

Do you have any updates on this effort?