[UI] The Akash Forum Redesigned

Hey Akashians,

I already shared this on Twitter but I want to share it here too to gather feedback.

The Akash forum is one of the first touchpoints for people that want to use Akash and it should be as easy as easy as possible to use it.
So I thought about a structure of the home page that makes people want to come back to the forum daily.

The solution for me is a page that combines quick access buttons for the different categories with top threads and new threads combined so it takes only a couple seconds daily to get up to date about what’s going on in the forum.

Next steps I want to look into:

  • How could the whole home page look like? (below the fold)
  • How could a mobile version look like?
  • How would it look like if I apply these design rules to a thread page?

If anyone knows how to build templates for discourse: Feel free to get in touch with me :slight_smile:

Those links might be interesting:

At least those are the one I found on my quick search

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