Twitter Deploy Challenge: Solana on Akash

Below are responses for the “Solana on Akash” deploy challenge I posted on Twitter recently. Please cast your vote for the best guide, and the winner will take home 1000 AKT.


Good idea to use the forum for community voting!


Being only a programmer noob, I went through the four and picked the one that looked most easy to follow. Hope they all get “somehow” rewarded. This great job and the loyalty to the ecosystem deserve one!


Dang andre went from 9% to #1 in a matter of minutes! Crazy support for #sol on the Decloud!

I don’t think it’s fair for you to say any of this without even reaching out to me. I posted on the site on May 30th which was the first post on that site and I ran in to some issues migrating to a new host. I’ve made constant updates to the guide and first tweeted about it on the 31st when some people said they couldn’t reach it and waited until the 1st to tweet to Greg.

Regardless, my guide was submitted before the deadline. I don’t think it’s fair to say that the guides are copies or duplicates either. I’ve been active in the Discord and you can go back and search my posts when I was working on it. I think everyone has worked hard on their submissions. Moving forward, I agree that it should be judged by Greg or someone else and not have it end up being a popularity contest because it would discourage new submissions by users who don’t have a big social media presence.


Anyway, articles which are describing a pre defined procedure which consists of a bunch of commands probably will always look the same.

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Yup. I would prefer the developer doc over the users doc.

It’s easy for you to say that I copied from another article

but I worked on it before writing that guide, I deployed solana docker image on my local computer and also deployed on akash mainnet

I wrote the same process of deployment what I did for the previous deployments … (Used official docs of akash)

I have Known akash from the start and I participated in all akash challenges. I don’t need to copy someones article & I know how akash deployments works

The main part of the guide is deployment configuration file which I wrote myself
I have used official docker image of solana … and taken reference form solana official github repo and docs (FYI- I know how to build docker images and how to write shell scripts)

I also worked with solana before submitting this guide. where we built an app for solana community

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I think it’s better only if akash dev team decides on winner. Because even I can get more votes asking my friends to vote for me who don’t know anything about akash and solana but that’s not fair … and I don’t want to win like that.

I will be happy even if i’m not the winner. I enjoyed writing my first technical guide.


I don’t think any of your claims are fair. Everybody posted some great guides! Each one differs in there approach and I have respect for everyone who took the time to write a guide as there were only four of us. As for Chandra Station, we did start writing the guide before the competition was announced but we were still late in our submission. Congratulations to whoever wins regardless of what others opinions are. Lets keep pushing the envelope forward and deploying new things to Akash. I think I speak for all of us who wrote a guide, the reward to the challenge does not drive us, curiosity brought us here! fishymoves is an active contributor in the Akash Discord, andreyarapov was the first to create a guide(to my knowledge), harish_marri is over at Omniflix who are great people and are also pushing the envelope forward in the cryptosphere and finally Chandra’s guide is unique in that it takes a different approach to deployments. We are all winners!


@Chalabi @harish_marri I think Greg should just pick a winner or distribute the bounty evenly between the 4. I would be ok with either.

I think whoever the community voted for should win! Im sure there will be many more competitions in the future :slight_smile:

Hey, we are all supportive members of the community no need for any animosity :slight_smile:

I’m done with this. I did not sign up for this abuse to contribute to a project. Even if I win, I would rather have it split evenly. Also, I didn’t realize updating a post means you are lying. In fact, I added the -b sync part on the 1st to avoid timeout issues and re-did all commands.

No worries, your submission was on time in any case. :wink:

My sincere apologize if I hurt your feelings.

  • “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” (c)

Arno, Please don’t accuse folks of plagiarising without providing adequate proof. Each of the authors worked hard to produce the guide and are amazing contributors that should be applauded for.

Thank you @fishymoves and @harish_marri for your submissions.


My apologies Harish, there seem to be was no plagiarism.
I overlooked that the official deployment doc had same statements and took them as plagiarism.

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@fishymoves We do not permit any type of abuse on our forum. I have flagged the post for moderation, so it will be hidden from view. I’ll chat with our moderator team on how to handle this. We allow civil “discourse” regarding votes, but clearly a popularity based vote has shown to create some “discord” among our community.

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It is unfortunate that competitions cause tribal affairs-- on the flip side, it is cool to see how much the community cares about this competition. It wouldn’t be a competition if it wasn’t competitive.

EOD, it is important to remember we are all here for the same reason; to add value to the Akash ecosystem.

Greg is going to make an announcement soon. :slight_smile:

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