Twitter Dashboard On Akash (or

App Name:
Twitter Dashboard on Akash

Twitter Dashboard on Akash displays and keeps track of the follower counts of specified Twitter accounts. It automatically retrieves the daily follower counts and updates the charts. I launched it myself for self-chosen crypto projects at

Who will use this?
Those who want to follow the growth of specified Twitter accounts, e.g. celebrities, companies or crypto projects, or who knows what!

How does it use Akash?
Anyone can launch their own instance easily, permissionlessly and without programming skills on Akash, all they need to do is define the followed Twitter accounts in deploy.yaml file.

Just me. If anyone wants to help, contact me.

Website: (deploy.yaml: TWITTER_IDS=Bitcoin ethereum solana Cardano…)

GitHub (and guide):

I received AKT for free IRC cloud service, but ended up creating this project first with the grant.

Any comments and feedback are welcome, including technical (are containers correctly used etc).

If you find website useful, please let me know! I’d like to keep making it better. I myself find the data very interesting.