Torrenting, MetaSearch Engine, Data Science - on Akash!

For the Awesome Apps on Akash Hackathon, I explored deploying things people may want to deploy for personal use. But by default Akash deployments are exposed insecurely through HTTP rather than HTTPS, and I don’t want my traffic to go through CloudFlare, or pay for a custom domain. For personal use, I feel encrypted connections through SSH tunneling may be a great alternative, and it turns out to be pretty simple to do on Akash. I demonstrate how this can be applied to two of the depoyments below, and I think this pattern can be universally useful for many personal deployments.

I made several pull requests, but you can just count this as one submission. Hopefully at least one of them is “Awesome” :). Please see the associated README in each pull request for more information.

Torrenting on Akash (via qBittorrent), secured with SSH Tunneling:

README: awesome-akash/qbittorrent at 0e9000b86f443869d16f90fe12ca5434ef15202d · ovrclk/awesome-akash · GitHub

Custom images I made for this: GitHub - spacepotahto/docker-qbittorrent-server and GitHub - spacepotahto/docker-openssh-server

MetaSearch Engine on Akash (Whoogle), option to secure with SSH Tunneling:

README: awesome-akash/whoogle-search at 178187d08c269b8668d7766e0618e72d3a183d25 · ovrclk/awesome-akash · GitHub

Machine Learning on Akash (Jupyter Notebook):

README: awesome-akash/jupyter at fbbbe208bea151357455b9a0bd49f013281c4e5f · ovrclk/awesome-akash · GitHub
Note I didn’t explicitly set up SSH tunneling in this one to keep it simple (and because when deployed it already requires an authentication token), but the same strategy can be applied for optimal security.


Really like the workaround for encryption with the SSH tunnel!