The Metadata Cross-chain as backbone

Dear Akash and Filebase,

I am not programmer, But i really like and love filebase with redundant backup - that is key point to make metadata as well as S3 on Decentralized will be safer.

I really like to focus on Sol, Eth, ICP, Link, Akash such as 5 edge of star wings to build the metadata cross-chain as well as mixing with Sovereign Smart Contract to grant ID login - on - chain - bridge - multichain on amlost network.

If Eth or Sol is as Subject, SM is as Verb - Defi, NFT is as Objective. Then, Metadata is as backbone/Adverb/ to merged All to smooth.

I really love to join the next of Filebase compain like as issue token or protocol.

So i really hope filebase, Akash can be build the metadata cross-chain protocol in further.

Looking to hear your favorable reply,


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Thanks for your note.

Sounds like you’re pretty involved in the ecosystem.

Have you checked out the Akash Insiders program?

Would love your thoughts after review. :slight_smile: