Terraform Provider Akash - Beta Preview

Terraform Provider Akash - Beta Preview

Hello! I’m making this post as an “hello world” for a project I’ve been working on on my free time that I think might interest some of the folks in this community. I have been developing a Terraform provider for deploying on Akash. In this post I’ll go through the current state of the project as well as what can be expected in the beta.

Note: The project will be open sourced.

Currently there is a working version of the provider that can create and destroy deployments through a Terraform script. This empowers developers with an easy, IaC approach to deployments.
Why IaC? The key is, faster speed and consistency of deployments. The goal of IaC is to make things faster by eliminating manual processes and eliminating the slack in the process. A code-based approach makes it easier to get more done in less time. This provider will allow you to get your workloads running on Akash fast and automatically.
Currently the provider is chosen based on pricing but more filters will be enabled in the future.
Currently certificate creation is not supported so you’ll have to have it created beforehand. See Akash’s CLI guide for more details.

The provider relies heavily on environment variables and a full list will be presented in the provider’s README.md file.


For the beta I want to deliver the base functionality which allows the apply/destroy of deployments through Terraform. It will go live with automated lease creation based on pricing and configuration based on environment variables.

The beta will be focused on stabilising the solution, implementing better error handling and make a more resilient solution. All feedback is important and contributions are encouraged.


Example Terraform script (the SDL is the sample Wordpress application provided by the Akash team):

Executing terraform apply and terraform destroy:

As can be seen, the output will give the service URIs so users can easily access their deployed services

Thank you

Thank you for reading! Feel free to leave questions and suggestions. I’ll be answering them :slight_smile:


Wow this is soooo coool. I’ve been waiting for this one for so long. Nice job on this @jlf. Looking forward to what comes next
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WOW. this will attract so many cloud developers. the magnitude of this can be huge! Continue. Obtain a grant for this!


Hey this is awesomeee! from here to deploying Akash using helm charts is just a jump. Keep going with this project :clap::clap: hope they give you a grant