Syncing an Archive Node

What are the proper steps for me to sync an archive node. In general I think I have to sync with the old binary, v0.8.2 up to the migration and then switch to the new binary and continue from there.

Can give the proper proceed and point me to the appropriate files. I have the mainnet-1 v0.8.2 and the pre-migration-genesis already.


Ah, I just remember a bug that causes syncing to stop at block height 969. The only way past this is to use a snapshot. This means that there is no way to get and archive node unless someone with an existing one offers a snapshot.

When I say archive node I mean “akash start --pruning nothing”

You can sync from 0 with v0.10.2 and then once the sync halts at block 455200, you can upgrade to v0.12.1 and then continue. This should get you to the current block. I have done it a couple of times although not with those pruning settings, but that should affect it.

Good luck!

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Hey, THANK YOUR FOR THIS. This is working perfectly. If you are ever in southern California I owe you lunch.

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Just might hold you to that… :wink:

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