Stuck deployment -- how do I close it?

Edit: (more detail)

  • I created a deployment at block height #2143819. (I did not capture the DSEQ from this transaction.)
  • 5AKT was withdrawn from my account (as it should). I did not accept any bids.
  • akash query deployment list --chain-id akashnet-2 --owner akash18dh09fus5l4hjjvwfrs0dzjdxevuk7449tjk97 --node -o json | jq '.' | grep state | grep -v closed | wc -l returns 0.

Wallet address:

How do I find the deployment DSEQ so I can close it?
Things I’ve tried:

akash query deployment list --owner $ADDR

(No deployments found)

You could try

akash query market lease list --owner $AKASH_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS --node $AKASH_NODE

Should give you a list of open and closed leases for your address.

Thanks for the response. 0 leases as well. I created a deployment but never accepted any of the bids, so this makes sense.

I do have an active deployment ( You can see it from that mintscan link) and my account balance has been decreased by 5AKT.

You could use akash deployment ui, just import your account in akash deployment ui and it will show you all your active deployments and you can close with just one click!

Install: Akashlytics

Thanks. Definitely want to check that out at some point. Unfortunately, I think that will have the same problem I’m having here.

You will definitely find all your active deployments on akash deployment ui, you don’t have to run a single command…
Just make sure you import the wallet with which you deployed the app which you want to close

OK I figured it out: (thanks to @andy01 )

akash query txs --events "message.sender=$ADDR" --page 1 --limit 3000 --node | jq '.' 

Using that I was able to track down the DSEQ and close it.


awesome. glad you got it sorted

You can also use this one, it gives pretty output:

akash query txs \
  --events "message.sender=$AKASH_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS&message.action=create-deployment" \
  --page 1 --limit 999999 \
  | jq -r '.txs[] | [ .tx.body.messages[].id[] ] | @csv'