Statement of Work Template

Project Name
Project ID

Project Brief summary.

1 Problem Statement

Enter a short paragraph summarizing the problem.

2 Key Deliverables and Assumptions

Enter the key deliverable addressing the problem statement, followed by detailed assumptions necessary to the Project, including configuration, application customization, and infrastructure.

3 Scope of Work

List specific features, functions, capacity, performance, and qualities required in the Work Product, any exceptions, and any that are prohibited.

4 Delivery Method

List with specificity how the work products will be delivered (github, etc). Must include links to active site.

5 Milestones

Terms should contain a maximum of 4 milestones per deliverable.
List each of the four Milestones
Maximum number of milestones Akash will support - 4

6 Duration of Work

Start Date:
End Date:
Provide any additional details for the project schedule and resource plan to achieve project milestones.

7 Acceptance Criteria
List no more than 4 acceptance criteria in order of priority starting with the most important criteria.

8 Change Control

If applicable, list how changes will be communicated and coordinated, with timelines for change control. All changes must be recorded on the thread and confirmed by both parties.

9 Compensation
AKT to be delivered upon project completion.

9.1 Award amount based on agreed-upon fee structure (percentage, per milestone, etc)

9.2 Expenses (if applicable)

Insert details for expenses if applicable.