Skynet & Akash image library

Skynet & Akash image library
decentralized image sharing site

This Project is intended to show how to host a decentralized platform where static files are stored on Skynet and the backend runs on Akash Network.
As a domain I use a handshake domain which is connected to Skynet via Skydns.

Users can upload images and others can up or downvote them. If the number of votes fall below a certain value, it will be removed.

Because content from users who are not logged in to Siasky is automatically deleted after 90 days, I have also set up a server that temporarily stores the files and uploads them again if necessary.

You can find a few Akash memes on the page, feel free to add new images:


  • MongoDB (to store votes and links to images)
  • API (NodeJS Express App to serve data from MongoDB and reuploads website if not accessible)
  • Backup (Checks top images every 24 hours and reuploads them if they are not accessible anymore)


  • Serves all static files (JS/HTML/Images)

Future plans

  • User Authentication
  • Categories

You can find the sourcecode for this on Github.
Feel free to ask if you have any questions or feedback.