Setting up your own Akash server

Since you are out of the hardware servers, is it possible to get the software from you and make our own server? Do you have instructions, software, and recommended configuation?
Also whats the difference between nodes and validators? Which one has potential to earn more?
What is estimated income from all of these? Money is not a problem to build one if possible. Thank you.

I was able to find 3 separate nodes willing to host my images earlier today - so there are definitely servers available. But that doesn’t have to stop you from becoming a provider or a validator. Validators earn from the staked AKT through their node via commissions, and providers earn from the hosted applications on their node - so depending on how you market, one might be better than the other, but we can’t tell for sure.

If you check out Akashlytics, you might be able to get a decent grasp of what the earnings are like for providers. It’s not as easy figuring out how much validators can earn, as it depends on a lot of factors.

If you want to provide as either a validator or a provider, you could check out either of these resources:

Running a Validator
Becoming a Provider

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those links are bad…

can i get good links for the ‘running a validator’ and ‘becoming a provider’?