Sentry has high failed transactions, even after storage upgrade

**Describe the issue **: I receive a high number of Failed Transactions according to my grafana dashboard, but I notice this is increases as I get “INF Could not check tx err”, which as I understand, is a benign error to receive. After upgrading the hardware from SSD to NVMe, I still get the same result. Is it normal to have high failed transactions relative to total transactions?

**Account address **: akash14cmkfyvqxdu7p4dpy7r5kq0yaxmemp05pvlydz

**Deployment sequence **: n/a

**Your deploy.yaml file **: n/a

**Do you have more than one deployment group? **: n/a

**Group sequence **: n/a

Is this specific to a provider?: n/a

Provider address : n/a

Added another sentry with NVMe, but this didn’t seem to solve the issue. I’m convinced that this may not be a problem at all, but any insight is greatly appreciated.