SafetyDepositBlock <> Mobile Decentralized Storage

Hey everyone!! :wave: My name is Brian Hough, and I’m a startup co-founder, cloud/blockchain dev, and YouTuber of the Tech Stack Playbook. I have a background in blockchain VC which got me going to hackathons and became a self-taught dev over the past two years :man_technologist:

Decentralized cloud compute/hosting via Akash is super interesting to me, as well as how decentralized models of app development, I think, will be game changing for accessibility to technology in a global way. I see a lot of technology moving mobile, needing crisp/clear UI/UX, and visual front-ends that help to put an interactive and engaging wrapper around very complex and advanced technology.

I was thinking a lot about what could increase adoption of mobile applications (increase network utilization of Akash) and mobile-ify the usecase of decentralized file storage on Filebase (increase use of Filebase to more members), which led me to create SafetyDepositBlock. With a drag and drop interface to allow users to upload their files easily to the decentralized Filebase platform via a web app will allow for more utilization and adoption.

I will provide updates as I go along, but looking forward to continue this journey of the app and connect with you all! If anyone has input, thoughts, feedback or suggestions, I am all ears!!

Any funding & support for this project would be greatly appreciated!
AKT address: akash1xy8az4wsamlxymyc837usjlazy4vrttrjyhfgz

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Hey everyone, just adding in some updates from 10/13:

I built out a front-end that I thought would make the app interesting to view and engaging visually for the users. As a front-end developer, I know just how important a strong and cohesive UI/UX is for any project, so I thought these color patterns and visualizations would be important for the long-term vision of the project and also to help get people excited about decentralized object oriented storage with Filebase hosted on the decentralized cloud with Akash.

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Hey everyone, update from 10/14:

Added drag and drop functionality to my file uploader — it can handle all different types of files, pull metadata from them, and is a loader I intend to use when uploading to Filebase.

My main workings are on how to hook a React app to connect to @filebase via an API endpoint…currently working on what this type of solution would be. My experience is with AWS S3 buckets based on the IAM role, so this is a new challenge I’m looking forward to conquering!

Here is what the drag and drop + file previewer looks like. I do want to make the UI/UX better though, so will be working more on this:

Hey everyone, update from 10/16:

Making progress on the file visualizer…being able to pull from JSON data and map it in the table with links to Filebase and Skynet. I’ve been continually running builds for testing to deploy to Netlify, so my hope is it shouldn’t be too difficult deploying to Akash when it’s finished.

I’m not exactly sure the best use case for the API component fetching from @filebase is (some new learnings for me here), so will be working more on that this weekend. Excited with how it’s coming along though!

Also, I made progress on the file uploader with limits on files/types/attributes:

SafetyDepositBlock is LIVE!

GitHub Repo: GitHub - BrianHHough/SafetyDepositBlock: Filebase x Akash Network Hackathon
Website: (fallback:

Overall goal: mobile-ifying web3 decentralized object storage with immutable and password-protected file access on SafetyDepositBlock

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Also video demo link is here: SafetyDepositBlock — Filebase Akash Hackathon

Hey the link seems to be dead. I would really like to take it for a spin. Let me know if a fix comes out.