Running multiple devices

Probably a few silly questions, but i would love some feedback.

i cannot seem to find any information about internet connection requirements for running multiple devices?
how many Bps would comfortably run 20 of the devices and is fiber optics necessary?
can you have too many devices in one area?
do they function better depending on geographic location ie rural or city, or is it fairly neutral?
any spec requirements feedback would be greatly appreciated.

What do you mean with ‘running devices’? Do you want to run a provider node?

Thanks for the reply.
sorry for the questions being vague.
i’m just wondering how how many supermini devices can be run simultaneously off the same internet network and would it require high speed and fiber optics?
our location unfortunately only has cable internet with a max of 500bps, not sure if this enough bandwidth to run 20+ units to their optimum performance?
any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Sorry but with 500 bps, I would not recommend running a provider at your location. The providers on Akash network today generally have 1 Gbps up and down.