Run Sovryn Node on Akash

Hi Akash Team,
I would like to participate in the Sovryn Node challenge.

Problem Statement/Goals:

  • I will try to run the Sovryn Node on Akash using Private keys
  • Prepare detailed guide on Sovryn node deployment (Using private keys)

My wallet address for seed fund : akash129eaqvm3ujs606e47naef776s5yc0y8vnu4w2w

I am using the private keys approach because everyone in the challenge is using the Keystore approach but none is talking about the private key approach.

@colin.lowenberg What do you think??

We use private key approach as well, but added short guideline how to generate Keystore via python script.

Not so much security in keeping Keystore with password in the same location.

Oh Ok!

@rstm Can I use the pvt key approach for the challenge “Run Sovryn Node on Akash”??

I think yes, I have not seen any restrictions here.
The question is how can we protect private key. Not a good idea to keep Mainnet private key in public repo.

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Update on the work:

I have submitted my work on gitcoin for Akash Sovryn Node Challenge in which we have to run a Sovryn node on the Akash Mainnet and submit a detailed guide on how it works.

My GitHub Repository: Project Repository

You can find my deployed Sovryn node on akash:

You can find the guide to deploy your Sovryn Node on Akash here : Guide


Thanks! Winners will be announced August 2nd.