Run provider with error handshake

Hi, when i try to run my provider i got this error with no other trace:

./bin/akash provider run --home /root/.akash --chain-id $AKASH_CHAIN_ID --node $AKASH_NODE --keyring-backend=os --from $AKASH_KEY_NAME --fees 5000uakt --kubeconfig $KUBECONFIG --cluster-k8s true --deployment-ingress-domain $PROVIDER_DOMAIN --deployment-ingress-static-hosts true --cluster-public-hostname optional --bid-price-strategy scale --bid-price-cpu-scale 500
Enter keyring passphrase:
Enter keyring passphrase:
Error: websocket: bad handshake

it’s trying to communicate with my api kube server (port 6443) ? or nginx controller on port 8664 ?


you can close this ticket
i duplicate with Error handshake when run provider