Radicle/Akash Automated Continuous Development and Integration Solution

An automated Radicle CI/CD solution built on Akash to test and preview React, Nextjs or static websites for repositories in Radicle. The solution consist of a Docker Image that pulls, builds and previews NextJS, ReactJS or Static Webpages whose code is hosted in Radicle or Github. Along with building and previewing the Docker image has web hook and build log accessibility.

Radicle is still in early development missing key features (Webhook, Command Line Interface, Discoverability of Peers stability). The current solution is a proof of concept using Github until the required features are added to Radicle.

I’ve build a Radicle/Akash integration demo page where a user can enter their Repo url, build, preview and access the web hook and logs features.

Akash SDL and Dockerfiles for the proof of concept: