QR-share on Akash+Filebase

An app allows you to instantly share a photo or any file from mobile to mobile or from PC to mobile.

  • uploads file to Filebase S3
  • gets public URL
  • generates QR-code out of the URL

Oooo - yes please!


status update: the first PoC is out: https://qrshare.io
UI update is coming…

checkout new UI: https://qrshare.io/

Source code: GitHub - zjor/qr-share: Upload file and get the download URL as a QR code
Demo URL: https://qrshare.io
Video: Dropbox - qr-share-demo.mov - Simplify your life

[ User cases ]

  • Transfer a file from PC to mobile by scanning a QR-code, no email/Dropbox/messenger is required
  • Share a photo with people in original quality without adding them to your contacts (useful at public events)

[ Monetization ]

  • unlimited file size
  • increase the file retention period
  • user authentication & file management like in a Dropbox

[ Terms ]

  • files uploaded via the service become publicly available
  • S3 bucket allows for listing objects, so the data you upload may be seen by other users
  • files are stored for 1 hour
  • max file size is 25Mb

Hey zjor,

Just tried it out and the link I got from the qr code was dead. Any chance something needs a restart?

Hey @mando222 ,
the site qrshare.io is up, the link it gives is your file stored in a public bucket,
the file is deleted automatically after 1 hour, probably it has just expired.
It’s in the “terms” of the PoC in the post above.
I can extend the lifetime if you need.