Provider: no Auth Provider found for name "gcp"

**Describe the issue **:
I am trying to setup an akash provider on Google Cloud (As a test)
→ We have GKE managed K8 cluster with 3 nodes
→ K8 cluster is configured as mentioned in the provider guide docs
→ When running the akash provider run command, it fails with the following error:

kube: error creating kubernetes client: no Auth Provider found for name "gcp"

GCP allows connecting to the master using service accounts. This auth mechanism is named as “gcp” in the kubeconfig file. Note that I am able to do deployments using kubectl which uses the same kubeconfig file, so the authentication itself works fine.

Related github issue: No Auth Provider found for name "gcp" · Issue #242 · kubernetes/client-go · GitHub

**Account address **: NA

**Deployment sequence **: NA

**Your deploy.yaml file **: NA

**Do you have more than one deployment group? **: NA

**Group sequence **: NA

Is this specific to a provider?: Yes

Provider address :