Provider: How do I get audited attributes?

I read this in the FAQ’s

Auditors on the Akash Network review cloud providers and digitally sign the provider on-chain with their certificate. If you only accept bids from audited providers this means you are trusting the Auditor/Provider not just a Provider.

And I have since been trying to figure out how to get my provider audited by Akash to attain the audited attributes: akash1365yvmc4s7awdyj3n2sav7xfx76adc6dnmlx63

Is there an audit request form to fill out or do I just wait for an audit to happen on its own? Thanks!

This is a great question. Let me lay a few things out for context.

  1. As of right now everything with Audited Attributes is arbitrary. You or anyone else can assign any attribute to any provider for any reason.
  2. Anything you put an attribute on will also have a singedby signature with the address you used to assign the attribute.
  3. There isn’t really a way to be signed by Akash as Akash only signs their own providers to verify to the community that they are Akash hosted.

In light of the above, there are a few interesting things that have come up in discussion as of late. Firstly if in the spirit of decentralization can we create community-run and controlled entities that do audits for providers and can sign them as trusted providers for the network. This would allow for any user to have trust based on expert opinions without requiring centralization from an organization like Akash. While these auditors don’t currently exist they would solve a lot of the issues around getting bids as a smaller provider. Sorry that there isn’t a quick fix for this one but the network is improving day by day and we have a clear intention to not leave any providers regardless of size behind.