Proposal: WeHeartAkash

Hi there. I am a Front-end developer with building web3 projects, and I just discovered Akash and can’t wait to tell everyone about it! My project is some sort of “hall of fame” of projects built on Akash.

  • Project Title: We :hearts: Akash
  • Problem Statement: A lot of developers tend to be skeptical about joining projects that don’t seem to have much activity.
  • Goals: This project would help show the projects building on Akash, help them gain popularity, and assure potential users that the network is active. It would be some sort of One Page Love for Akash.
  • Impact: It would help increase the visibility of various projects on the network, as well as show the growth and activity on the network itself.
  • Budget: $900
  • Timeline: 8 weeks
  • Team: No.
  • Reporting: weekly reports
  • Design: No
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Sounds like a good idea, but how would you go about verifying a project is built on Akash unless they specifically tell you ahead of time? If possible and scalable, sign me up!

The information would be crowd-sourced initially. Once verified, they would be added to the We :hearts: Akash site. The attraction for them would be publicity they would as one new site would :hearts:ed each week on the various Akash Community channels.