Proposal: PKT Mining on Akash

Project Title: PKT mining

Problem Statement: I am going to deploy PKT miners, compare their statistics, find an optimal set up, and write a guide on deploying to Akash

Goals: Deploying PKT miners to Akash network and writing a detailed guide

Impact: Allow other people with minimal experience to begin mining and utilizing decentralized computing

Budget: I am looking to run 3 side-by side-comparisons, and the estimated cost is about ~20 AKT per computing instance per month. However, I won’t be running them for a month before having to submit the guide, but I will update if enough funding is allotted.

Timeline: 1 day turnover for guide and mining. ~5 full days of side-by-side comparisons.

Team: No, this will be achievable with just me.

Reporting: I will post a guide for Windows and Mac.

Design: Guide will be designed on GitHub.