Proposal: further increase the maximum validators parameter and decentralisation

Further to Mintscan - COSMOS chain explorer by COSMOSTATION and Proposal: Increase of 'max_validators' cap we would like to make a new proposal to further increase the maximum validators parameter and thus the decentralisation of the network, because of the amount of competent validators currently in the inactive set, we are thinking about proposing to increase it to 80

We would love some feedback on the idea first to see what the sentiment of it is like.


Bliss Dynamics supports this idea.

The supply of quality validators for Akash has been strong and increased decentralisation is good for both delegator choice and Akash as a whole.

Just as supporting Devs to build or deploy on Akash is important, allowing quality validators to participate in consensus is good for the ecosystem.

There are currently only 3 validators on the fringe, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this increase quickly if a proposal was raised.

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From our perspective we see these validators as candidates:

  • SmartNodes - They validate multiple CosmosSDK chains already;
  • Masternode24 - They briefly validated Akash already after proposal 7 was passed;
  • BlockNgine - We have also briefly have already validated Akash and we already validate multiple CosmosSDK chains;
  • Notional - Fairly big validator from Osmosis we have personally interacted with them as we both run an IBC relayer for Akash;
  • EZStaking - They validate multiple CosmosSDK chains already too.

I’m sure as KamuelBob said there are other’s waiting, also probably other’s within the inactive set we are not giving enough credit too.

That being said 80 was chosen by simply looking at the validators we know and because it is a nice round number (not that that should matter!), if anyone has another recommendation it is welcomed.


Round numbers are important…! Not sure about you guys but we’re only human… :sweat_smile:

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Notional’s got some AKT, as we (well, not precisely we, it is a long story involving corps & such) participated in testnet/genesis.

…but it is not enough to get into the current active set.

We currently operate an Akash relayer, and intend to expand our relaying very agggressively.

Here is some information on how we operate:

Our entire setup is open source / transparent, and we validate from the edge of the network to improve security and decentralization. We will also be transitioning to a setup where our sentries run on Akash. We just made a PR on comsos-omnibus!



I have submitted the proposal here please cast your votes!

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In full support of this @BlockNgine and will promote across our socials.


Thank you for your support!

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Here’s Notional’s relayer setup:

Definitely support this + voted.
Tigdar is a genesis validator

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We’ll support this proposal!
ValidatorNode is a genesis validator too.

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We fully support this proposal. Thank you for raising it.

Thank You @boz_m and @BlockNgine, we vote yes and fully support the great idea :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: