Proposal: Fund for lowest amount to kick start my Akash Journey

Hey, i would like to deploy a Juno node on Akash network.

I am a new Validator and im 100% behind the idea of a decentralised cloud server. What better way to learn how to run the next Juno Testnet on a decentralised server.

Problem i would like to solve is to see if i can deploy apps on chain using Akash Servers.

The impact is nothing large. Its more so i can get going and learn how to use it.

Goals is simple. Build on top of Akash develop apps for a year for Juno and see where it can lead to.

I would love to involve more team members in this project.

For now i just want some tokens to help kick start the process and keep up with my development.


Welcome and good luck with your project.

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What’s your akash address?

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perfect. i will get to work. i seen some recent documentation regarding running a node on akash so i will try to follow along and will document if i succeeded.

What is your Akash address? Are you willing to write a deployment guide as well for Juno node on Akash?

absolutely. Juno has a docker image ready. I just need help making it work with Akash if thats ok. i will be most up for writing a thorough document in doing so for sure.

looks like cosmos-omnibus is a good start

hey colo it is akash1ndcqchrqq7vtyald3a3rr7edh0qk5gu98y9qw3

Sent you 30 AKT! That’s the amount I always send.