Proposal: Akash User Documentation and Tool Development

Project Title:

Akash User Documentation and Tools Development

Problem Statement: What is the problem you will solve?

Simplify deployment process through User Documentation and creating new tool sets.

Goals: What are you aiming to accomplish?

Create Akash documentation and create new tools and scripts to simplify the deployment process.

Impact: What impact will this project have?

Simplify deployment process for new and existing users.

Budget: How much funding will this require?

That basics for now.

Timeline: What is the timeline for accomplishing this task?

Between 1 and 3 weeks.

Team: Are you looking for additional team members?

Not at the moment.

Reporting: How will you report your progress to the community (e.g. weekly calls, reports)?

Through Forum posts and Discord.

Design: Do you have any mock ups or screenshots?

Initial blog:

Screenshot from the first blog post:

New tools to simplify deployments is always good. Their is a lot of competition and deploy tools that exist are already very simple. Obviously, the glorious one click deployment would be insane! I support your mission and am looking forward to seeing what progress you make.

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You have been awarded a grant of $100 in AKT. Please submit a grant application if you’d like to apply for the next grant level of $1,000. Make sure to update your profile with your Akash address.

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Thanks for the opportunity, looking forward to build some stuff on akash.