[Proposal] Akash Primer

Hi. I am Oïclid. I am a software developer, and I am currently learning how to build dapps to help speed up the decentralized internet. My proposal can be seen below.

  • Project Title: Akash Primer
  • Problem Statement: Create an illustrated website that allows newcomers to quickly understand what the Akash Network is all about.
  • Goals: I would build a simple, illustrated website that explains in simple terms what the Akash Network is all about.
  • Impact: It would give newcomers a quick overview of the Akash Network, and why it is a viable alternative to GCD, AWS, etc.
  • Budget: 1000 USD
  • Timeline: 7 weeks
  • Team: No
  • Reporting: I would make weekly reports with screenshots of my progress.
  • Design: No.
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