Proposal #22: Fund Moultrie Audits

Hey everyone, the proposal link is here, the proposal website is here, and Akash’s recent profile on us is here.

We are requesting 120,000 akt from the community pool through a CommunityPoolSpend type prop.

Key Points:

  • We are submitting this gov prop instead of going to the accelerator for funding since we have a member on the accelerator and view that as a conflict of interest. Additionally, we have funded the CAB through gov props, so it would be in a roundabout way funding ourselves (unethical). We also vowed to not take additional funds from the CAB in prop #16.
  • Requested amount is ~28,000 USD at the time of submission
  • No amount of grant will be sold in first three months and a tracker will be built to display the actions of the wallet. 100% will be staked to our validator upon reception.
  • The grant will fund provider audits, block monitoring and funds retrieval (when possible), and primarily the development of a validator auditing framework. If the proposal passes, we will build this framework out on Akash, if it fails, we will focus the validator auditing on a different chain. This lets the community decide if they value the positive regulatory/transparency effects of a validator regulatory framework. Ideally, there should be many competing frameworks designed, and we will be one of them.
  • We have weekly meetings with official Akash team member Alani Kuye for accountability and we will continue these.