Prop 22 - Moultrie Audits - We will be supportive of a No or Abstain Vote - Reasons below

Regarding Moultrie Audits Prop - 22 PROP 22 LINK

Response: This proposal is concerning for a few reasons submitted below that we are presenting on the forum.

  1. In a prior proposal, Moultrie audits pledged not to seek any additional funding, which the community agreed to and voted Yes in support of. This proposal contradicts the pledge from the prior proposal agreed and voted upon.

  2. Audits are optional and on an opt-in basis for anyone who wishes to be audited by Moultrie audits. This now ropes-in validators.

  3. The optics of this proposal is concerning, it signals the emergence of a central auditing authority that determines the fate of validators. It also creates tiers based on Moultrie audits operating model.

  4. Moultrie Audits, as a sitting member of the CAB, has been a beneficiary of the $100K grants. We believe an additional grant is not warranted for the stated purpose and the aforementioned reasons.

  5. Per Moultrie Audits “100% of grant will be immediately staked to Moultrie Audits validator. No amount of original grant will be sold in the first three months. A wallet tracker website will be built to display the wallet and any actions that occur for full transparency. Staking rewards may be sold in this period, although this is a last resort. No commission generated from the grant will be sold in 2022 (no commission at all will be sold in 2022).” This funding appears to solely benefit Moultrie as a validator, and not allocated to any specific project deliverables, spend, or functions. In a nutshell, this socializes the costs while privatizing the gains.

  6. Precedent: Projects are funded, not features. Funded projects should follow their product roadmap as presented and managed by them. This is the current established process that all other projects follow.

  7. Funded Projects should have a revenue model that demonstrates they can self-sustain after an initial tranche of funding at the 100K level, which Moultrie already benefited from ($110K).

For this reason, we understand every validator and community member will have their positions and opinions on the aforementioned, and it will be reflected in their vote.


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