Project Proposal: Grafana Datasource plugin

Hi there

I have been looking into AKT for some time now and itching to work on something using the technology, I am even holdling and staking some AKT.

I am proposing working on a datasource plugin for the Grafana open source dashboard and monitoring project. Grafana is very popular application for creating any kind of dashboard from realtime data. Grafana currently supports a number of datasource backends including influxdb, kairosdb, openTSDB etc. and further it can be extended to support any other datasource using the plugin system.

I have dug a little into the documentation and building a skynet datasource plugin using skyDB and deploying on Akash Network looks like an exciting project to me.

Initial goal would be to build datasource plugin and afterwards launching a free and open source instance of grafana on Akash Network.

I would like to know your thoughts on the proposed project and if it aligns with the goal of this event.

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I love Grafana and this idea. So you would run Grafana on Akash and tap into the SkyDB. That sounds like a great integration. I’ll send you some AKT to get you started on building your open source grafana on Akash. What will you call it, akafana, grafaka, or grafash?

This Skynet Challenge ends on the 16th, so perhaps this proposal should go into the developer grants section. #grants:new

Hi Colin

Thank you for your ideas and support for this plugin proposal. As suggested by you, I am now making a proposal for the Grant application. Meanwhile, I was able to develop the first version of the plugin and have published the repo on the github.Grafana Skynet Plugin

Will share more details on the the Grant Application. Grant application shared here Proposal: Grafkash, Decentralized Grafana Dashboard Solution


Amazing to see the community come together here. As someone whose been involved with Akash since its inception, I’m super excited to see this conversation happening. I think this can catalyze a lot of new development with great engineers.

Can someone fund my Akash wallet with some AKT, I want to deploy the app on the Akash Network for development.

My akash wallet address is - akash14wgsrrc5dzd3l4jghj9cw4ey7jutl49cjf63yx