Project AiPhoto idea

Project Title: AiPhoto

Problem Statement: To develop photos gallery with Ai object and face detection

Goals: Use librephotos project and modify it and also make android and IOS app

Impact: People can host there photos on more secure and decentralised network at cheaper price without compromise on features

Budget: cloud servers + help from app developer

                 Under 1000$

Timeline: Within 1 year

Team: Yes. I want help from android and IOS app developer and backend SQL developer

Reporting: I’m planning to make GitHub repo nqphotos where versioning timeline and progress can be tracked

Design: Currently I’m planning to use features from librephotos and Photinix GitHub but those app doesn’t have user uploads.

I want this app to able to import photos from Google photos, and different cloud drive (initially focused on Gdrive and Dropbox)