Presenting to the CAB - Tips!

As we continue to harmonize the Akash community and CAB grant processes for 2022, some projects have been approved for new CAB grant funding, and in some cases additional follow-on funding. These include Praetor, Open Registry, Akashlytics and more.

The CAB will continue to review grant applications and project proposals, and new applicants are able to present to the CAB.

If you would like to present, here are a few tips for a successful CAB presentation.

  1. Clarity - Set clear goals for your demo, and get straight to the point.
  2. Have mock ups or a working alpha/beta version of what you are building
  3. Test and Rehearse ahead - Error prone presentations are not fun
  4. List and communicate your completed milestones including any traction
  5. Make a Splash - leave an impression, including humor
  6. Follow up on any questions or feedback
  7. Have Fun! The CAB is here to support you!

Remember, the CAB’s time is very limited, as is your time. Avoid getting into too many details, and more importantly you should have as close to a working demo as possible.

Presenting is not the end of your project’s journey. By planning ahead, you will be better prepared while sustaining the buzz around your project.



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