Preparation for Mainnet 2 - SkyNet_Asgard

Hello Validators. Are you ready for this morning’s TESTNET migration from mainnet 1 to mainnet 2? The time has come for the realization of Greg’s and Adam’s visition for DeCloud. After today’s migration of the testnet validators from Akash v0.8.2 to v0.9.3, exhanges and wallets can test their connection and readiness for upgrade to testnet mainnet 1 to mainnet 2. This all will prepare us for the “real world” migration from mainnet 1 to mainnet 2.

It is very important for all validators to be engaged at this time. You are the core/foundation for the Akash Unstoppable Cloud.

As for me, I have prepared my upgrade script to kick-off the upgrade time of 1500 UTC.

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Just curious if there is another date setyet for the next try of the upgrade to MainNet2?
I have been watching and waiting for an announcement.

Hi, I have not heard of a new date as of yet.

Gratias Tibi Ago,

Paul Lovette