Pairing Filebase S3 Object Storage with Compute and the Akash Community

Hey Akash community! :wave:

We’re Filebase, the world’s first object storage platform powered by decentralized storage networks.

Through our technology, we’re able to help our customers save ~85% on storage costs, compared to traditional cloud providers - Recently named as a leader in the Sonar Report on Decentralized Storage by GigaOm.

We’re excited to announce our partnership today with Akash! We’ve seen a wide-variety of community-driven projects over the past few months that have helped to enable access to our multi-cloud object storage offering, paired with the open-source decentralized power of compute. Through this integration, apps running on Akash can now backup, restore, and migrate a database by connecting the containers running on Akash to persistent storage across multion Sia, Skynet, or Storj. (soon: IPFS, Filecoin and Arweave)

Sign up, start uploading, and get instant access to store your data on the decentralized network of your choice.

Akash users can sign up to Filebase and receive 1TB of free object storage (for one month) simply by using Promo Code: “AKASH”.

Visit to learn more, and on our blog.

Here if you have any questions!

hello @ filebase [dot] com