OpenRegistry is now OCI Certified

Hey Guys :loud_sound::loud_sound::loud_sound:

We’re super thrilled to announce that we have officially received Certification from the Open Container Initiative Organisation. Check out (

This has been long overdue and we’ve been working really hard for this to come through :tada::tada::tada:

What’s new with this release?

:articulated_lorry: We are now offloading bandwidth to client side which helps saving network bandwidth and reduces latency

:clipboard: Updated the dashboard to support the following:

:nerd_face: Personal images under “Repositories” section (not private but belongs to the logged in user)

:mag_right: “Explore” section shows all the container images uploaded to OpenRegistry

:bookmark: Show tags for your container images and skylink associated with each layer

:beetle: Minor bugs and security vulnerability fixes

:closed_lock_with_key: Added JWT based authentication and authorisation ACL

Our next immediate goals:

:elephant: Migrate database to PostgreSQL to make OpenRegistry more scalable

:mag: Support for searching container images in browser with autocompletion

:1st_place_medal: Support for Official Container Images (badges)

:fire: Various Blogs:

  • Video guides about using OpenRegistry and learning containers

  • Integrate Github Actions with your repository, to push container images to OpenRegistry with every Release/Push to main branch

Haven’t checked out OpenRegistry yet??

Visit OpenRegistry and register for our beta program. We are actively sending invites!!
Also do let us know about you experience on our discussions link below, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re a developer and looking for an open source gig, do check out our Github issues and roadmap

Feel free to submit issues or contribute on existing ones, we’re available to get on calls and discuss for any queries you might have.

🔥🔥🔥And finally, WE’RE OCI CERTIFIED 🔥🔥🔥

Links to follow for more updates:


This was long due. Super happy that we got the certification :heart: :heart: :heart: