OpenRegistry - An Open Container Registry

Hey guys, we’re building a new container registry, which would be fully OCI Distribution Specification compliant. This means that OpenRegistry would be completely compatible with any relatively new version of container engines like Docker, Containerd, Podman, etc.

For the longest time Docker has run Docker Hub and it’s been the most popular platform by far. Majority of the people rely on Docker’s Container Registry. Here’s a few reasons why THIS project comes to life:

  1. Docker Hub is run by a corporate, who’s biggest (but not only) goal is to make profit
  2. When Docker Hub goes down, it causes a lot of service degradation for it’s peers, we can show the tech industry how resilient and robust Akash Network is for Fault Tolerant Systems.
  3. Docker’s new Rate Limiting makes if even hard to use Docker. (I’ve worked with Fortune500 Clients in my previous org and we were literally forced to use AWS’ Container registry)
  4. Run by the Open Cloud, powered by Open Technologies. We’re planning to add IPFS support soon after the initial launch.

Initially OpenRegistry would be built on top of Skynet for the storage backend but the OCI Distribution Spec defines the backend to be pluggable simply by satisfying the storage.StorageDriver backend. Once the MVP is ready, we’d go on to add multiple storage backends.

Q. How difficult it would be to use this registry?
Answer: OpenRegistry would be fully OCI Distribution Spec compliant, that means your existing workflow would remain exactly how it is.

PS: No offense to Docker Hub. Docker hub is what most of us use and so do I. I absolutely loved what Docker stood for a while ago but now their vision has changed.


Love the idea! Will be great to use a open registry with Akash.

We’ll be happy to support your mission

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Thank you so much @gosuri I’ll try my best to make it a reality

I pitched your project to @gosuri and @abozanich and asked for funding for this project. Their initial reaction was positive, and I’ll follow up. Also, I will start a discord chat with Skynet and Akash to discuss OpenRegistry.


Wow thats a great news @colo Thanks a lot for handling it all so well :slight_smile: I’m super excited to see where this project goes :muscle:

hey guys @colo @gosuri I just wanted to share a little update on the progress on the project here, so i recorded a little video, please dont judge me on my video-making skills :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I can’t embed the image inside the comment here, please go through this vimeo link to check the demo out

OpenRegistry Container Image Push Demo

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This is amazing Jasdeep! Great progress.

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Please let me know when you have it hosted on Akash. Love to share it with the community

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@gosuri OpenRegistry is not ready for a release yet, AuthN, Logs, Metrics all are pending. I was able to get push/pull working flawlessly (to the most part) but It’s not a product yet, this week im flooded with work but my partner is working on Authentication this week, and towards the weekend I can add metrics and logging to see how it performs, etc. Would it be okay to make a restricted release like 50-60 GB limitation on storage and then ask people to use it. Then we can collect some metrics and see if all works well?

That would be great! Thank you so much.