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We want to work with Akash community on inclusion of real, tier 1 datacenters in the Akash network to build reliable network of resource providers. First opportunity is CRA operator.


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akash1phm7asp9kjxp4gk20khadk73kzxk5yjctpkqn4 (Note that I do hold substancial amount of AKT on this address but they are now transfered into kava)

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Detailed proposal

Firstly I want to apologize for not using the template but our proposal is not exactly a development project so it doesn’t fit it very well.

To introduce us, we are currently three partners (two of us have technical backround) building small web3 consulancy shop. We have a long history in traditional Telco and DC world and we have contacts to regional datacenter operators and we want to work with them on proof of concepting various web3 protocols - primarily Akash, Helium and one of the storage protocols (Sia, Storj…).

These operators typicaly do not have the crypto related expertise or any knowledge about decentralized infrastructure protocols like Akash. They are however highly motivated to seek ways how to drive utilization of their assets (basically datacenter resources, fiber and towers). They typically have very tight budgets and knowledge/experience barrier to play around with crypto is too big at the moment for them. They are however willing to participate if it is not too of a hassle for them.

This is what we want to provide. We want to leverage our contacts, explain and sell them the idea and help them from the technical point of view to do a proof of concept and to participate in Akash network for some extended period of time with real resources and back them up over that pariod. We believe that a reliable cloud infrastructure will inevitably end in datacenters even in the web3 era thus we believe that Akash community will greatly benefit from building its provider network from real datacenter players instead of individual hobbyists running isolated servers. Also Akash (thanks to leveraging Kubernetes) is uniquely positioned to host more complex workloads that require “location/datacenter affinity” but that again requires a proper datacenter.

We are asking Akash community to provide moderate budget around 10 000 AKT per one Tier 1 operator onboaring to partially cover our expenses related to onboarding these Tier 1 operators. We will be able to get some funding from the operators themselves but not to fully cover all costs. That is why we are reaching Akash community.

We see this as a temporary phase before market workload demand and provider AKT earnings will reach some level that is interesting from their point of view (which is not the case at the moment). Once this will be the case we believe Akash community incentivization will not be necessary as the whole onboarding will be covered by operators themselves as they will be able to allocate larger budget and still have a positive “business case”. From that point they would be consuming our consulancy and support services which would be our primary source of income.

One imporant thing to note. What we want to guarantee is that we not only make the operator do the proof of concept the Akash. We will also work with them on a business/personal connection level to keep them engaged with the goal to prevent them giving up after first month of not seeing interesting revenue (we would arragange some “commitments” from the operator side).

Our idea is that with every such opportunity we would reach out Akash community and explicitly ask for such funding.

Our first opportunity is CRA - a Tier 1 DC operator in Czechia - (www.cra.cz)

CRA is a Tier 1 datacenter and infrastructure provider in Czechia. Besides other things, they operate virtually all TV towers which are used to broadcast all TV channels in Czechia.

They have multiple bigger datacenters across Czech and many smaller sites in rural regions.
They use a lot of VMWare (vSphere and Tanzu for Kubernetes) but they also provide bare metal as a service (using OpenStack Ironic) and virtual machines based on OpenStack. Besides their internal needs for realizing various media streaming etc, they provide the DC resources as a service for customers who prefer local presence instead of going to AWS.

Their datacenter is called DC Tower and its right in the middle of Prague. Here is a video of the Datacenter: CRA - datové centrum DC TOWER - YouTube in terms of size, its a midsize DC (low hundreds of racks) but its not the only DC they have. This Datacenter has a NIX node inside which is Internet exchange peering point. It means that virtually whole Czech Internet is connected to it which makes it very attractive location from network topology point of view.

Note that this Datacenter is an official part of so called National Critical Infrastructure which means it is certified to run national critical workloads in case of emergency, war etc. For example complete encoding backend for Czech National TV is ran in this DC. Given CRA’s brand it could also make sense to create a case study “Akash+CRA” as it would be beneficial for overall Akash recognition and it could inspire other DCs.


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