NFTs marketplace akaleon

Project Title:

NFT marketplace akaleon

Problem Statement: What is the problem you will solve?

With the help of akash, we can solve the problem of decentralized storage of the contents of nft tokens

Goals: What are you aiming to accomplish?

want to achieve good decentralized storage with the akash network

Impact: What impact will this project have?

this project will help users store the content of nft tokens on the akash network

Budget: How much funding will this require?

100 000$

Timeline: What is the timeline for accomplishing this task?

4-6 months

Team: Are you looking for additional team members?

Yes, I have

Reporting: How will you report your progress to the community (e.g. weekly calls, reports)?

Reporting will be provided in Word documents, as well as weekly calls

Design: Do you have any mock ups or screenshots?

no, you need to come up with