NEW: Developer Grants Program & Community Awards Board

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Akash Developer Grant Program, a community-driven source of funding and support for promising developers and teams. The purpose of the program is to grow the developer community, encourage collaboration between developers, and develop open-source projects to promote further adoption and usage of Akash Network’s decentralized cloud.

Inspired by startup programs like AWS Activate and Y Combinator, the Akash Developer Program offers funding, guidance, support, and marketing for a large number of developers including:

  • Developer Grants: developers can apply for grants with award amounts ranging from $100 to $100,000, paid in $AKT.
  • Office Hours: office hours from Akash’s community and core development team to provide guidance and best practices as you build and test.
  • Collaboration: every project funded will be open source and will have its own channel on Discord to communicate with the Akash community.
  • Powered by Akash: promising projects will be featured on our forum and website to amplify attention.
  • Demo Days: the top developers will present their projects to investors, advisors, and developers in the Akash community via blogs and Akash branded livestreams.

Eligibility for Grants

All software developers and engineers with a GitHub account are eligible.

What can I do with $AKT tokens?

You can use the grants for infrastructure services provided on the Akash Network:

  • Deploy container based apps on managed Kubernetes
  • Host websites on the Akash open-source cloud hosting platform
  • Build web apps or API backends on robust infrastructure
  • Apply for up to $100,000 from the Community Awards
  • Securely lease out your data center as a provider

How do I get help with Akash?

  • Getting Started Guides - Our guides and tutorials are written by the community to help you get started deploying on Akash quickly.
  • Tech Support: Technical support for all developers is free regardless of how much AKT you spend, stake, or own.
  • Ask us Anything: Have a question about Akash? Join the discussion on our active community forum.

Explore the Tiers

The Developer Grant Program has a wide range of award tiers, from $100 to $100,000, paid in $AKT. The amount of funding received depends on the milestones achieved and funding tiers unlocked.

Initially, the program has four award tiers to support all types of projects large and small.

  • $100 Initiate Grant: the purpose of this funding is to support a large number of developers in running their first apps on Akash. If a developer sends these tokens to an exchange, they will be ineligible for future funding, as well as the next tier of funding.
  • $1,000 Seed Grant: the Seed Grant requires a developer to create a detailed proposal for their project and share this with the community for public comment and questions. Developers are expected to open source their project for the community, publish a detailed guide, and answer questions from the community.
  • $10,000 Incubator Grant: the Incubator Grant is awarded only if progress is made by the developer to meet the milestones in their proposal. The developers may be asked to present their project in a recorded live stream and answer questions live from the community.
  • $100,000 Accelerator Grant: the Accelerator Grant is only awarded to developers that have consistently met their milestones, demonstrated improvements, and shown a willingness to remain open source and collaborate with the Akash community.

All grants are paid in $AKT tokens to the developer’s Akash account address. To prevent fraudulent activity, the account is linked to the developer’s accounts on Akash, GitHub, and Discord. This award is a non-dilutive donation, and Akash’s treasury and community do not gain equity in projects with the grants. The grants must be used to deploy and run applications on Akash Network.


Milestones for each project will be determined as part of the grant application. A milestone is a goal such as, the development of a feature, the release of a working beta, and the completion of the work. A typical project should have 3-4 milestones and be completed within 2-4 months. Projects that complete their milestones will present to investors, advisors, and developers in the community on a scheduled Demo Day.

What types of projects will be funded?

We are committed to a transparent and clear process and we want to set expectations for the types of projects that will be considered for funding.

Projects that apply for grants from the developer program will need to outline how their project will contribute and add value to the Akash ecosystem.

Here are some examples of projects that we hope to see submitted:

  • Developer tooling for Akash including SDKs and APIs
  • Open source developer tools (Homebrew)
  • Creator platforms (CMS, podcasting, blogging, forums, GitLab)
  • Decentralized web services (Handshake, DNS, OpenRegistry)
  • Backend as a service (Hasura on Akash)
  • Platform as a service (Heroku on Akash)
  • Open source communications (Chat, Email)
  • Desktop deployment interface
  • Hosted deployment interface with wallet integration
  • App Store interface (OpenChannel on Akash)
  • Persistent storage integrations (Sia, Skynet, Filebase, Storj, Arweave, Coldstack)

How will the projects be chosen?

Proposals will be reviewed by the Community Awards Board (CAB).

Each month the board will meet to review the proposals submitted by developers and craft on-chain proposals for the community to vote on. Meetings will be publicly announced and hosted online via Google Meet or Zoom. All meetings will be recorded and minutes will be shared publicly with the community.

The CAB is open to Akash customers, validators, providers, investors, advisors, employees, and former employees. If you’d like to nominate someone, please post your nomination publicly on the community forum’s Grant Applications.

Being a member of this board requires active participation to review developer applications and be involved in the decision making and proposal writing process. You may want to study Robert’s Rules of Order to be a better board member. Initially, voting requires attendance.

Referral Rewards

One of the main goals of the Developer Grant Program is to attract as many talented developers across the globe as possible. If you would like to invite a developer to the Akash developer program, create an invitation and share it with your social networks. Each month, the community members with the most successful invitations will be awarded with $100 or $1,000 in grants each month.

Incubators, accelerators, and VCs, oh my!

Akash will be partnering with other startup funds to provide free hosting on Akash to startups.

If you are a venture capital firm, accelerator, incubator, or other startup-enabling organization interested in providing Akash developer grants to your startups, contact and our partnerships team will be in touch.

How will this be funded?

In order to scale the program quickly, the initial grants, $100 and $1,000 of $AKT, will be awarded by the Akash Treasury.

We are currently funding developers through five coding challenges. In the last 3 months, the Akash Treasury has awarded over 80 developers with over 7,000 $AKT. Seven developers were winners of the Solana hackathon, and as part of the Sovrynthon hackathon, 37 developers received $100 of AKT.

Larger grants, over $1,000, will be proposed by the Community Awards Board (CAB) to tap into the Community Pool. The CAB will work with developers to create proposals to fund projects and encourage voting by the community.

As of this article, the community pool is over 992,379 $AKT and approaching one million tokens. The CAB may propose to award these grants directly to developers to reduce complexity - or - propose to award a grant to multi-signature wallets managed by community members.


I think this is a great use of the community fund as the users that will make the Akash Network grow exponentially are the developers and startups who need cloud computing on a daily basis.


I’m really excited to see this proposal. I really want to see adoption, big hurdle I see is, not how simple it is to deploy, but how complex it is just to start. I see tools like tools aimed for deployments like the one I recently built for Sovryn helping bridge a gap (small/large remains to be seen).

Cover for development cost is a huge interest. Take someone like myself, where running with your idea and building is fun, even small incentive helps. In an environment like Akash, people want to deploy to testnet thinking it is free or a faucet. Having something comparable to the big 3 providers “free tier” (basically enough akt for a “period” of time) maybe smart contract it to unlock a bit if it’s spent on deployments, just a quick rash thought (vest 100akt over x months with % unlocking).

thanks for taking time to read my input!


This is a fantastic proposal!! Can’t wait to see what awesome products come from this developer program!


wow I really enjoyed your proposal :akash:
and kept my eyes open until 03.00 AM

And also, how about:

  1. How about expanding the timeline into End of Year or End of January 2022, as most best apps produced on best happy holiday :heart_eyes:

  2. And Invite the documentation, blogs, informational websites for developers to follow this program :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank You :grin: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Happy to hear as I will continue my project from the recent Akash Hackathon :akash:


This is great! This will definitely help few of the smart developers out there and akash community to grow.


This is an excellent and well thought out proposal that will further the Akash platform. The identified goals and collaboration will result in real world application and interfaces. This will move us toward the master goals of taking market share from AWS, Google, Microsoft, and others. It will results in delivering real-world permissionless, decentralized and deplatoform proof market-place and hosting platform.

SkyNet | Validators is voting yes.


This is a very good proposal and great use of community fund. I’m sure this will help developers to build awesome apps/tools and akash community to grow.

Looking forward to participate in this program.


Excellent work on this @colin.lowenberg and team. This is a welcome sight for all developers in the crypto space who are bootstrapping projects. It is an important step for Akash and shows how the project is maturing and attracting serious developers. This will definitely onboard new users and I’m looking forward to applying for a couple of my projects.


I think it’s a great initiative taken by Akash for developers.


You have my sword and @gosuri’s axe and @abozanich’s bow.


Glad to see the community fund used to spur innovation. Funding of development teams with innovative ideas and perhaps more importantly, fostering each idea through a product maturation phase will likely result in exponential growth of the Akash network.


This is really exciting! I think I’ll be able to work on a smaller project alone to start with, and then potentially moving on to incubator funding if I get my studio together.


This is exciting, and I think it could really pull in some talent from other crypto and developer communities that would help the whole of the dWeb space. Really looking forward to seeing this succeed.

This is a very good proposal, pass the proposal vote as soon as possible


Very good news! That’s a big yes from me for this proposal!

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This is awesome! Huge yes from me, and looking forward to see how this plays out!

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Wow this is an amazing proposal. This will definitely encourage people to build high quality and real world use cases on Akash. thanks @colin.lowenberg for putting this out :slight_smile:


Vesting is a great idea. I think it might be in the works already.


I updated the proposal with a longer timeline. Thanks for your suggestion.