MOONBYS - Grant Application

Project Title: MOONBYS


1. First & Last Name: (optional)
Rodrigo R.

2. Email Address:

3. Akash Wallet Address:

4. Akashian URI:

5. Time Zone:


6. Language:

English & Spanish

Social Networks

7. Akash Forum Username:


8. Discord Username:


Moonbys server - MOONBYS

9. Github Username:


10. Twitter Handle:

11. LinkedIn:

12. Website:

13. Blog:


14. Are you a developer or software engineer?


15. Are you currently involved in Akash’s Discord developer community channel? (


16. Have you deployed on Akash’s Mainnet or Testnet? (

Not yet

17. Do you have other team members?

Yes, only one who is in charge of social media accounts and who will help with marketing.

18. Are you looking for additional team members?

Yes, one or more devs and an artist/designer. If everything goes well, this could turn into a part time or full time job for them.

19. Are you interested in working on Akash full-time?


20. What Cloud hosting services do you currently use? (Amazon/Google/Microsoft)

Google, Digital Ocean, Godaddy, HostGator,

21. How much do you pay per month for Cloud services / hosting?

Around $40 to $60 USD

22. How did you hear about this program?

Through Akash Twitter and blog

Product Vision:

**23. What is your project? **

MOONBYS - Online Marketplace & Business Tools

24. What is the problem you will solve?

I want freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses to be able to offer and sell their products/services, without having to pay commissions on every sale/job, I want them to get paid directly to their Stripe account, bank account or cryptowallets. I want to get rid of escrow periods and minimum withdrawals. I want to make it very simple for those who do not know how to create a website, online shop and online presence, to start selling and offering their services online. I want Moonbys’ members/users to have as many business tools as possible within the same platform.

25. What are your goals?

Have a platform that allows anyone to offer and sell their products/services, while providing them with useful tools to manage their operations.

26. What impact will this project have on the Akash developer community?

  1. Any developer can promote their services/digital products or physical products in the platform, they can build brand awareness, send invoices and keep track of accounting.
    2.Projects that create Akash NFTs or other Akash assets or the owners of these (such as StrangeClan NFTs) can sell their NFTs through Moonbys.
    3.Developers will have extra storage space for documents, data, photos and/or objects.
  2. Communicate with their team and create workflows.
  3. Akash developers will also find freelancers/artists/businesses who can provide products/services or art/3D Objects, for building/complementing their projects.

27. Who will use your project when it’s complete?

Freelancers, artists, small businesses and startups

28. Will you monetize your project?

Yes. Moonbys offers different membership plans. We do have a free plan, which only allows users to offer up to 3 products or services at the same time. The other plans take away this limitation and offer a discount for paying in advance. The main plan will include some perks and VIP services.

29. Will you open source your project?

I am considering this and I would love to open source the project, however at the moment the platform is currently complementing itself with a couple of licenses and IPO, which I don’t think can be open sourced. I am working on getting rid of these and once the platform is completely created by my team, we could definitely open source the project. I could release an earlier version of the platform (without the paid licenses) as open source.

Product Leadership / Drive:

30. Tell us about yourself, your passion, your values

I love technology, open source, games and sports.

31. What’s your aspiration for blockchain technology?

Just like Mr. Zhong has stated in some of his Tweets:

I also believe that every organization, government, group, etc, will run its own blockchain, they will have their own tokens, rewards, public ledgers, assets and more.

32. If you had $1 million in grant funding what would you do?

  1. I would hire some team members to help me complete Moonbys.
  2. I would upgrade some of my current servers and deploy/migrate as many instances as possible to Akash
  3. I would use some funds for marketing
  4. I would stake some funds in AKT, ATOM, DVPN and other Cosmos Based Tokens, to help secure the networks and to get more funds to continue hosting on Akash and for other operational expenses.

33. Who will benefit most from your project?

Freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses who are currently paying high commissions and fees for every sale and job that they complete. They would be able to start offering their products/services for free or for a very low startup cost.They will get their earnings quicker and without giving away large percentages to third parties. They will get access to many tools that will help them to manage their operations.

34. How will you help grow the Akash community?

I will add articles to our blog about Akash, about deploying to Akash, about its promotions and other relevant Akash topics. I would share Akash’s Tweets and other social networks (which I am already doing).I would connect with other Akash projects to see how we can promote their projects inside Moonbys. I will participate in the Akash forum and Discord server to see what others need help with or if Moonbys can provide something for them. (I will do this with or without a grant)

35. How will you make Akash approachable to developers?

Our blog will include useful information about Akash and how developers can take advantage of it. I will create guides for using both Moonbys and Akash. I will recommend Akash to developers who contact me or Moonbys. (Which I am already doing and will continue to do with or without a grant)

36. How do you think Akash should improve?

At the moment I have no ideas about what Akash could improve on, but if I think of something I will definitely share it in the forum or Discord.

Product Execution:

37. How would you utilize the grant funding?

I will use the grant funding exactly as I responded in question 32:

  1. I would hire some team members to help me complete Moonbys.
  2. I would upgrade some of my current servers and deploy/migrate as many instances as possible to Akash
  3. I would use some funds for marketing
  4. I would stake some funds in AKT, ATOM, DVPN and other Cosmos Based Tokens, to help secure the networks and to get more funds to continue hosting on Akash and for other operational expenses.

38. Have you already started this work?

Yes, Moonbys is 95% complete.

39. Do you have a GitHub or website for your project?


40. How will this task be accomplished?

  1. The developer/s that I hire and myself, will complete Moonbys and improve it.
  2. A current team member and myself will work on marketing (we will create some Google Ad campaigns, affiliate marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns. We will also contact different websites and platforms (which I already have a list of) to take advantage of their banner ads)
  3. We will hire some freelance artists or make them a permanent team member to help with different designs and assets.

41. How would you break this work up into 3 or 4 phases / milestones?

Phase 1. Find and hire team members to complete Moonbys (1 month)
Phase 2. Work on marketing (1 to 2 months)
Phase 3. Continue improving the platform and more marketing. (ongoing)

42. How many months of work will this project require?

As mentioned before Moonbys is 95% operational. People can actually already sign up, create their own store, post their products/services, send invoices, keep track of orders, communicate with customers/team members and get paid directly to their Stripe account, bank account or cryptowallets. Stripe also helps us to have Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Integrating Metamask and Keplr should take no more than 1 month. Adding our cloud feature can also be done within a month. Initial marketing 1 to 2 months. The project will continue after that.

So in 3 to 4 months Moonbys would be 100% operational. (Although I have more ideas/plans to increase user interaction, user benefits, brand awareness and will include more features in the future).

43. What’s the expected amount of funding required for your project?

  1. Hire a freelance developer/s - $500 to $5000
  2. Hire a freelance artist/designer - $500 to $5000
  3. Marketing - $5000 to $25000
  4. Hosting and servers $600 to $1200 for one year

From $6600 to $36200

As mentioned before, any remaining funds would be staked in AKT,ATOM, DVPN or other Cosmos based blockchains. Those reward/staking funds would be used to continue hosting on Akash and for other operational costs, such as more marketing, hiring team members/freelancers and for improving the platform.

Product Progress:

44. Will you open source your project?

I would really like to, but I am not sure if I can currently open source the version of the platform that is live, as Moonbys does complement itself with a couple of paid licenses and IPO, which I don’t think can be open sourced.

I could open source an earlier version or something without these licenses and IPOs. I am working towards getting rid of these licenses. Maybe the team that I will hire will help me to achieve this.

I am definitely interested in making this an open source project or at least part of it.

45. How do you plan to share your work with the community once complete?

Though different online and offline marketing campaigns, in the Akash forum, the Akash discord server, the Cosmos social networks and through our blog and own social networks.

46. Will you report your progress to the community every month?

Yes, no problem with this.

47. Do you have any screenshots, videos, or other context you can share?

Developer Associations:

48. Are you associated with any accelerators, incubators, venture capital firms, or startup funds?


49. Are you associated with any startup communities?


50. Are you associated with the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)?


51. Are you associated with any open source projects?


52. Are you associated with any of the Akash Network core team members?



53. Are you a resident of, citizen, or located in a geographic area that is subject to UN, US, EU, Swiss or any other sovereign country sanctions or embargoes?

Yes, I am in Spain and Moonbys is registered as a limited company in the UK.

54. Are you over the age of 18?


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@Rodri-R Would you like to present your project on a call with the Community Awards Board? Are you available 2pm PST tomorrow 12/1/21?

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Hello @colin.lowenberg Yes of couse, I would love to.

Just let me know how to join the call, please.

Thank you.