- Online Marketplace & Business Tools

# Project Title:

MOONBYS - Online Marketplace and Business Tools

## Problem Statement: What is the problem you will solve?

The traditional online marketplaces and platforms for freelancers, entrepeneurs and small businesses charge high commissions/fees for every sale or job that is completed through their systems. Besides this, there are usually escrow periods and withdrawal minimums.

Traditional online marketplaces and freelancing platforms use third parties, (such as PayPal and Payoneer) which also charge commissions, exchange fees, card fees, etc. This takes a huge percentage of earnings from freelancers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and vendors.

Moonbys gets rid of intermediaries, we get rid of escrow periods and we allow our members to get paid directly from their customers/employers to their Stripe accounts, bank accounts or cryptowallets.

Just like there are shopping malls/markets in almost every city/town, Moonbys will be one of the many online marketplaces out there. Just like any shopping mall or market, people/businesses can offer either products or services (as long as they are legal).

At Moonbys we want freelancers to offer their services, we want artists to offer their creations/NFTs, small business can offer their products/services, we want game developers and app developers to offer their games and apps.

All members will be able to manage their operations with our business tools.

## Goals: What are you aiming to accomplish?

Our goal is to empower anyone with the business tools to advertise/offer their products or services, without having to pay expensive startup costs, fees, commissions or having to wait on escrow periods and withdrawal minimums.

We want our members to get paid directly from their customers/employers and to keep all of their profits. We want to provide useful and fun business tools.

## Impact: What impact will this project have?

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, artists, etc. will be able to get more profits from their work and their sales. These people and their families will benefit from earning more each month and not giving away a lot of their earnings to centralized organizations. It is time to decentralize ecommerce and freelancing platforms.

## Budget: How much funding will this require?
$100 to $50,000

We would need $100 to deploy a blog, our docs section and NextCloud in Akash, (we will include some cloud storage space for our members, leveraging space with Akash and Filebase.) We will also use Akash to host other business tools (chatting tools, email marketing tools, online business tutorials/academy). We will also use the $100 to deploy our Cosmos Based Blockchain in Akash, which is currently running in Digital Ocean. I also registered in Filebase with the Akash promo there during the weekend, so maybe we will get the $100 from that promo. We are not looking to get this promo twice.

The rest of the funds would be used to continue hosting on Akash, for marketing and for hiring some team members.

## Timeline: What is the timeline for accomplishing this task?

1 week to 4 months

Moonbys is already live and functioning 95%.

The platform is ready to accept members. It is ready to let them offer their products/services and they can already send an invoice automatically after a purchase is complete. If customer pays with credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, the vendor gets paid directly to their Stripe account. If customer wants to pay in crypto, we already have a currency converter tool that changes product or service pricing. (We are currently getting cryptoasset pricing from an external api and we plan to use Cosmos blockchain oracles in the future for this too) We already have a blog, which we would migrate to Akash in one or two days. Deploying NextCloud to Akash, should take less than a week. Deploying the other business tools to Akash, should not take long either, but we want to focus on other things first. Examples:

  1. Marketing - We are looking for funds to promote our platform and get more users.
  2. Keplr & Metamask integration - Currently for a vendor or freelancer to get paid via crypto, a customer first makes the purchase, receives their invoice, then they need to go to their cryptowallet and complete the payment process manually. We need to implement Keplr and Metamask so that right after checking out a window pops up, takes the purchase/invoice information and allows customer to pay the vendor/freelancer right away. I am almost achieving this, but not quite there yet :slight_smile:
  3. Moonbys blockchain - We are using a Cosmos Based Blockchain as a public ledger, for rewards and for governance, (more info about this in our whitepaper, which you can read here). We already have a testnet running, but still need time to get the main net ready. We also want to be a crosschain marketplace, meaning that NFTs, smart contracts created in any cosmos based blockchain or with Ethereum can be offered and sold at Moonbys.

## Team: Are you looking for additional team members?

Yes, we need help implementing Keplr and Metamask. Part of the funds would go to pay a developer who can help us achieve this or maybe create a part time or full time job. We would also like to hire someone who can make the site/platform look nicer. We also need someone to help with the blockchain (We mostly need help with security evaluation) Maybe there is already someone within Akash who would like to partner up :smile:

## Reporting: How will you report your progress to the community (e.g. weekly calls, reports)?

We can do both, weekly reports and calls.

## Design: Do you have any mock ups or screenshots?

Yes our main site, blog and docs

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Love this idea for a project! I think we can take care of that $100 to get things rolling. For bigger funding amounts please fill out a grant application here.


Thank you, I am very happy to read that you love the idea and cannot wait to start deploying to Akash. I will fill out the grant application too.