Monopoly : The Board Game on Akash

Project Title: Monopoly : The Board Game on Akash

Problem Statement: What is the problem you will solve? It tries to introduce play to earn concept in board games as well.

Goals: What are you aiming to accomplish? Decentralize the board game industry

Impact: What impact will this project have? Entertainment industry disruption

Budget: How much funding will this require? 500-1000$ for using services provided by Akash and storing the data on ArWeave

Timeline: What is the timeline for accomplishing this task? 3-6 months

Team: Are you looking for additional team members? YES

Reporting: How will you report your progress to the community (e.g. weekly calls, reports)?

Monthly update on the progress

Design: Do you have any mock ups or screenshots?

Some funds from the Akash team would be really cool to kick start the project. Am a new dev here. But would be really great to build up something for the community.

The Community Awards Board (CAB) voted to award your proposal $100 of $AKT. Keep up the good work and we hope to see a project update. Please submit a grant application if you’d like to apply for the next grant level of $1,000. Make sure to update your profile with your Akash address.

Great to hear that! Could you provide me with an estimate by when should I be able to utilize those funds? I checked mintscan and there’s nothing in it for now. And how should I use those funds? Do we have some description on the Akash pricing? Wanted to kick start the project asap. Also do we have any future plans of hackathons on Akash where I can participate using this project in order to get a further review by the community?

Funds should appear almost instantly, Im sure they will be disbursed to you soon. Initial funds should be used to cover your costs for deploying your apps to Akash as that costs Akash. Akash providers will bid on your deployment, I recommend checking out @baktun14’s site for pricing. If you work on your project and apply for the $ 1000 funding amount then the CAB will review your work and make the decision.

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Sent you 40 AKT. We have a new hackathon coming up this week.

Thanks! I’ve received the funds and transferred it currently to a software wallet(Since I’ll be changing my OS and then transfer it to another account on that OS to deploy on the OS). Am really excited to take part in the hackathon. Also, have started working on the task to develop this game. Would be really happy if I could get some help from the Akash team if need be :slight_smile: