Mining PKT on Akash Guide

:wave: Hey content creators!

With the success of our recent Keplr deployment guide challenge, we thought we’d offer up another fun challenge harnessing the Akash community’s talent! We’re looking to reward the best written guide for how to spin up a Pkt mining node onto Akash, alongside the potential earnings of doing so! Details below.


  • Create a guide for “Mining PKT on Akash at Scale”
  • Provide detailed easy to follow instructions on how to deploy multiple miners
  • Track the potential earnings for your node deployment and calculate the profitability
    • What is the cost to mine 1 PKT?
    • What is the ROI, Profit, or Profit Margin?
    • Show how others can track this too


  • 200 AKT to the best deployment guide
  • We will create a social post and credit the writer of the guide on our channels
  • You might even get a little swag for your effort.

If you’d like to participate, follow the steps below:

  1. Draft a “Mining PKT on Akash at Scale” Guide
  2. Reply to this post and share your draft below.
  3. We will review all entrants
  4. One winner will be selected
  5. We will edit your post if needed, create a graphics for it and post to our social channel

:star: Required - Create a video of the process to go along with the written guide.

Deadline for submissions is 8/31

If you have any questions, let us know in the thread below. Thanks all, we can’t wait to review your submissions!


Thanks for this great opportunity! I’ll be making an updated version of my pre-existing guide in blog format over the coming days.


Just started my guide, and proposed it here

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It’s unfortunate that work has been quite crazy for me so I won’t be able to participate especially that I definitely won’t have enough time to make a video but I have recently published a guide on deploying a single miner. Figured I can share it here with everyone:

Good luck to all the paricipants!

Hi again!

I have finished it now. The guide is here, video is here, and the video is also linked within the post. Let me know if you want me to take it down/private it in some way, as not to screw with SEO.

I will make a revision once I can get a few screenshots of how to import a wallet to the Akashlytics Deployment Tool.

Thanks for the opportunity :smiley:

Hey! Rate my work too, the guide is read in less than 5 minutes! Instead of a video, I have embedded GIF animation in my guide, the guide has everything you need to start the miner by a user with a minimum level of training. At the end of the guide, there is an economic calculation specified in the task. This guide also exists in two languages, Russian and English. About a week ago I made a video for other purposes, you can also get acquainted with it, so far only in , but soon it will be in English. I would be glad to receive feedback on my work. Thanks!

Just so you know, if you change the count: 1 to a higher number, you will get more instances of the same resources. If you can add that, it would make it possible to use your guide for scaling the miners without larger fees or time constraints. I’m not sure if there’s a requirement for scaling like this, or if it’s just scaling resource-wise from the original deployment script, but I thought I’d let you know - as it doesn’t hurt :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback, friend :smiley:!
Do you mean a description of the requested power? if so, the article describes this point: - " The more power — the higher the rent per month, but also the speed of mining PKT will increase ."
I wrote for people with minimal knowledge in this area and the most understandable language for them :blush:.

I mean in the manifest file. Near the end, in the deployment section, there’s a count: 1 variable. Changing this lets you choose how many instances of the miner you want - without paying more fees or locking up more AKT. Great way to overcome both unnecessary fees, time loss, and upfront investment. You could take a look at my guide to see how I explained it :slight_smile:

yes, thanks, you are right!


Here is my PKT mining guide with the video at the top of the post: Easy Akash: Scalable PKT Mining with Akash Network | by Abra Tusz | Aug, 2021 | Medium

I have also created the PKT Mining on Akash Telegram group: Telegram: Join Group Chat

Here is the spreadsheet that I created to track some mining metrics as well: Akash's PKT Delivery Metrics - Google Sheets

Hope that it is helpful to the community. Mining PKT using Akash has been an incredible experience and I’m looking forward to helping this small community blossom. Let’s build a better internet for everyone!

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Here is my written video guide Akash-Pkt-Mining-Guide/ at main · Zediocre/Akash-Pkt-Mining-Guide · GitHub

And here is the video guide to walk people through: Use Akash to Mine your Internet!! (New Mining crypto PKT) - YouTube

Spent alot of time on this. Thanks for the opportunity.

Hey all! Finished my guide. I hope this makes it quick and easy to either start your first or manage a large collection of mining deployments.

Here is the video (also linked in the guide)

Here is the spreadsheet for the analysis of different mining setups.

Thanks for this opportunity. I am ecstatic to even play a small part in helping Akash reach more people. :smile:

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Quick update all.

We will be reviewing and following up here with the winner. Stay tuned! :heart:


the expectation is more and more intriguing =)

Hey all. Wanted to post this here as well.

Congrats to the winners!