Minecraft on Akash

I will participate in the Minecraft on Akash challenge.

I love Minecraft and hopefully I can accomplish this.

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I have successfully deployed a few Minecraft servers on Akash.

This was a very interesting and fun project to work on.

I focused on and was able to deploy a Vanilla, a Paper server with plugins and a Forge server with some mods.

I was also able to set up automatic backups for my servers and the backup files are stored in Filebase.

I currently have two Minecraft servers running on Akash. A Paper server with some plugins running on the latest version of Minecraft and a Forge server with some mods, running on MC version 1.12.2

If you play Minecraft, I invite you to join the MOONBYScraft servers :smile: Both for fun and testing.

  • You can find the Paper server at:

  • You can find the Forge server at

The Paper server currently has EssentialsX, Holographic Displays and SlimeFun plugins. You only need to have Minecraft 1.17.1 to join this server. (This server is not being backed up right now, but it will be soon. I will most likely move this server to a different provider before starting backups to keep things decentralised, to modify plugin settings and to add more plugins. So don’t get too excited building here quite yet, as I will most likely be restarting worlds in a week or so. But I am planning to keep these two servers running long term. I will keep this post updated with the latest addresses and my domain coming soon!)

For the Forge server, you will need to complete some steps, just like any modded Minecraft server.
You will need to have Forge 1.12.2 installed and the following mods.

  1. Galacticraft
  2. Mekanism
  3. Just Enough Items

You can download the 1.12.2 versions from their official websites, from Curseforge or from the MOONBYScraft Filebase bucket


Hope to see you in any of the two servers or in both


To comply with the Gitcoin Submission Process, I am adding this here:

Submission Process

  • Project name and a list of team members
    • MOONBYScraft - I am the only team member
  • A description of your project
    • This project was about deploying Minecraft on Akash. I created several servers and I have two running right now
  • Optional demo video
    • I do not have a video
  • Access to your working demo or Github code repository.
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I have upgraded to Akash version 0.14.0

The Minecraft Paper server can now be played at

The new Akash deployment capability (Cli/Shell access) works fantastic. I am still to test the remote copy files and I am still planning to move this server to a different provider to keep things decentralised. (This server is still not being backed up at the moment, so if you do join and play, don’t get too excited building quite yet). I will start backing up the server and I will add some features in the next few days.

how do you backup your server? do you have an example deployment with backup functional?

This repo shows how to backup the server to Filebase