Minecraft on Akash (Markichu/EL-S)

Hello everyone, @EL-S and I are going to be participating the gitcoin hackathon and will be creating a Minecraft server on Akash!

Collectively, we have got some experience with docker and plenty of experience hosting Minecraft servers so we believe this is something we can complete, hopefully with mod support too! :slight_smile:

We would greatly appreciate if we could receive some funding to begin testing deployments, thank-you!
Markichu: akash12svzm6cprq7yrast7qhwh56qaxfpqumyveyyrd
EL-S: akash10sxwpq2cqphd9tgx88hlzlqwl59d9lyah8hrwk

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Can’t wait to get started :smiley: